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Omics studies of the priming phenomenon

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Along with evolution plants have developed defensive strategies to survive the attackers. Plants that have been exposed to contact with necrotizing pathogens, insects or appropriated treatments can mount rapidly a stronger defence once the second wave of stress is presented. This is known as plant memory and also as priming, which is based in an adaptation of the plant that reacts faster and stronger against a given pathogen or stress, generating an effective defence. Our current research is mostly focused on omics studies (mainly metabolomics) of the priming phenomenon from several points of view. In the first place, we try to understand whether plants exposed different priming stimuli activated a shared molecular fingerprint or, on the opposite, each priming inducer has its own characteristic mechanisms. In this approach we study the mechanisms behind β-aminobutyric acid (BABA)-induced resistance, mycorrhizae-induced resistance (MIR) and constitutive priming released.
In addition, we have recently set up a promising research line focused on citrus innate immunity against arthropods.

Group members:

Dr. Paloma Sánchez-Bel

Dr. Victor Flors

Dr. Miguel Cerezo

Dr. Victoria Pastor

Dr. Jordi Gamir

Dr. Josep A. Jaques

Marta Orero (PhD student)

Iván Ortega (PhD student)

Leila Rassizadeh (PhD student)

María Manresa (PhD student)

Raquel Cerveró (Technician)

Silvia Andrés (Technician)

Samia Mokh (Postdoc researcher)

Research Lines:

  • Induced resistance against pathogens
  • Development of resistance inducers and priming agents. Chromatography applied to plant defense.
  • Nitrogen transport
  • Role of systemin in the establishment of mycorrhizas and induction of systemic resistance in tomato
  • Study of Plant-arthropod interactions
  • Reactive oxygen species and hormonal metabolism in defense priming


Degree Lectures:

Plant Physiology



Plant Pathology



Dr. María Jose Pozo. EEZ. CSIC, Granada Spain. Associated Unit UJI-EEZ-CSIC

Dr. Juan Antonio López Ráez. EEZ. CSIC, Granada Spain. Associated Unit UJI-EEZ-CSIC

Dr. Brigitte Mauch-Mani. University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Dr. Jurriaan Ton. University of Sheffield, UK

Dr. Michael Holdsworth. University of Nottingham. UK

Dr. Teresa Altabella. Fisiología Vegetal- Universitat de Barcelona. Spain

Dr. Raquel Campos-Herrera. Instituto de Ciencias de la Vid y el Vino (CSIC), La Rioja

Dr. Cayo Ramos.  University of Málaga, Spain

Dr. José Díaz, Universidade da Coruña, Spain

Dr. Pablo Vera. IBMCP. CSIC. Valencia, Spain

Dr. Benoît Poinssot . Université de Bourgogne, INRA, CNRS, Djon. France


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